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[Japanese] Shiny Treasure EX Booster Pack

[Japanese] Shiny Treasure EX Booster Pack

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The Shiny Treasure EX Booster Pack: A Must-Have for Pokemon Card Collectors

Get ready to add some sparkle to your Pokemon TCG collection with the highly-anticipated annual High-Class Pack from the Pokemon Card Game Japan, now available as [Japanese] Shiny Treasure EX Booster Pack. This set showcases select Pokemon from the previous Scarlet and Violet sets, featuring their stunning shiny artwork.

Stunning Shiny Artwork

This booster pack features shiny artwork for all the Paldean starter evolution lines and Charizard ex from 'Ruler of the Black Flame', making it a must-have for collectors who appreciate beautiful card designs.

Inside each [Japanese] Shiny Treasure EX Booster Pack, you'll find ten cards. With this many cards in one pack, you'll be able to add lots of new characters and unique designs to your collection at once.

An Excellent Addition for Collectors

The Collections Type of this product is/are Pokemon Cards while its Game is/are  Pokemon TCG. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out with collecting - this booster pack is an excellent addition that will bring plenty of excitement into your life!

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